sayonara! well, not really xD

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sayonara! well, not really xD Empty sayonara! well, not really xD

Post  izayoi_tsubaki on Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:57 am

tsubaki here~

I dunno if anybody checks the forums but I'll still leave this message here.

about two weeks ago I said to mouse that I'll quit playing PSO2 because I have something going on IRL... but I also said I'd log in as much as I could so I did, and it turned out I was getting a lot of free time so, I was able to log in a lot of times xD

anyways, I guess it isn't a secret that I'm an engineer in-training. My license exam to become a full-fledged one is coming soon. It's still in September, but it's undoubtedly the toughest exam you can take, (at least in my country). I'm studying for it and right now, I'm getting a clear idea of what I'm up against, so I'm gonna take it a heck of a lot more seriously from now on.

I may not be able to log in anymore from this point on, I'll try to play on weekends and hang out with you guys but, I dunno if I can do that (or if my conscience will allow me to goof off xD).

soooo, see ya guys at the end of the rainbow, hope you guys pray for my success (if you do pray, lolz).
I'll miss ya guys!!! T.T

oh yeah, if ever I am gone for a long time, please don't remove my name from the roster, I'll come back, I promise :3

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sayonara! well, not really xD Empty Re: sayonara! well, not really xD

Post  Foxy on Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:18 am

Aw, we will miss you Tsubaki! ;x Good luck with your exam! ^^ And come back asap! :p

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