the tides that bound (project faithy faith )

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the tides that bound (project faithy faith )

Post  flarex10 on Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:24 am

this is a very very VERY late commission to a certain person.
in any case the character in question is to be wearing the following:

(please take note the 4 handed sword thing was dumb idea, resize as you see fit.) the weapon she needs to hold looks like this:

thats about it. after i see how it comes out i will dish out payment. you can add or leave out what ever you see fit if you think it helps the over all drawing. this is what the past artist did... she kinda quit: ( i want to see your drawing style not anything in this area )

talk to me for detail ( most likely body and face ), I'm still trying to build her over all appearance so anything goes at this point. also due to this being mostly a test, the front and back sketch are not needed just ... any pose with said elements.

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