Faith's Damage Record Proof! :3

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Faith's Damage Record Proof! :3 Empty Faith's Damage Record Proof! :3

Post  Faith Elisa on Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:55 pm

For the people who don't believe in me ONLY! :3

Damage Record: 2,534,238
Technic: iI Barta
Main Class: Force Lvl70
Subclass: Techer Lvl70
Ice Mastery 1: lvl5 (Incompleted ice tree)
Weapon used: Motav Prophecy 10+ with no potential (unfinished weapon).
Units: Complete set of Folly Units and Luxe Sully
Faith's T-Atk Power: 2134 (With Shifta)
Mob/Boss: Caterdran
Tested in what quest? Extreme Quest (Dragons)
Weak Bullet friend supported by Ciel (ID: Shinratensei24)
Special thanks to Ciel

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Faith's Damage Record Proof! :3 Pso20110
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