Hey guys! tsubaki here, greetings from SEA! :D

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Hey guys! tsubaki here, greetings from SEA! :D

Post  izayoi_tsubaki on Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:07 am

Geez... with the IP ban on SEA and the DDoS attacks, it seems that god is telling me to stop playing PSO2, haha. joke x)
I miss you guys T.T

well anyways, I started playing PSO2 SEA. There are a lot of setbacks (like starting again from the beginning), it does have some conveniences that we got from episode 2... like subclass already gets experience to a certain level and updated skill trees. I'm also getting used to the team I am in. So... if anyone wanna try out SEA... here's my username and Team name:

player name: YamatoKai
character name: Yamato
Team name: Planeptune

Although I now judged SEA isn't too bad (everyone is terrible at TACOs though, I am currently teaching my members, so it won't take us an hour to do normal and hard nab1 and lilipa)... playing on JP server is still by far the best PSO2 experience... especially coz you guys are there ^^

See ya guys soon in either SEA or Japan server

much love,

tsubaki :3

PS: a team named "Grisaia" is using our team emblem in PSO2 SEA, did they ask permission from anyone of us? or is their team leader actually a killer panda? Surprised

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Re: Hey guys! tsubaki here, greetings from SEA! :D

Post  N-Gear on Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:41 am

Me, goddess of S*GA getting lazy, it surely it affects my games @_@

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