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Post  Yukio on Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:02 pm

No, im really not sleeping with my laptop on all the time. Just to clear some of the air and to make myself more available to people who may need help, I am fully willing although it may seem like im afk a lot, and it is kind of true, I stay logged in and randomly check my monitor to see if anyone request me, but while im gone, im normally playing Dark Souls or sometime CoD.(I'm in love with Dark Souls btw) But now that I have said this, i'd just like to let anyone who is reading this on the team to know that i'm am always willing to assist, I just dont play much cus I feel pso2 has gone stale(Even with the 2 recent events)

So don't be a stranger, i'm sure most of you see im always on, so if needed send me a message(in game of course.) If not, ill continue to "hibernate".

Toodles :3

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